Mom’s Meal of the Month Club (May)

My Mom, J, has been baking since she was nine years old and took up cooking not too long after that age. For Christmas, she and my Dad, L, gave us a gorgeous, cashmere throw from Restoration Hardware. It’s yummy and warm without being too hot. It’s just the right weight to cuddle up and doze off on a chilly, early spring night.

But then she handed me a bag that contained a rolled up, laminated calendar that was tied with a simple red ribbon. I untied the bow and unrolled the calendar that was titled “Mom’s Meal of the Month Club” ………


I quickly started reading the calendar, looked up and asked, “Is this real?” We get a homemade meal once a month? Made by Mom and delivered by Dad?” And not just any meal. Nope. It’s the “greatest hits” from my childhood… which have now become some of M’s most loved dishes Mom makes.

Mom’s family is from Hungary (my grandparents were first-gen Americans); among other things, I grew up eating chicken paprikash. While the days of my grandfather making handmade dumplings are gone, Mom still makes the dish (and by dish, I mean that crazy good sauce) just as he did! 



The roasted red bell peppers swim in the sauce. And the flat dumplings plump up in 20 minutes flat.

I like it served with a green salad (bright vinaigrette dressing) and cinnamon apples (sweet to balance savory.)

I would share the recipe, but Mom hasn’t even shared it with me!


 Our family believes that “food is love” – is it also true for your family? What are the “greatest hits” from your childhood?