Empanadas for Everyone

I’ve learned during my business travels that, at the airport, it’s best to eat where the pilots, flight attendants, and ground crews eat. Watch where they go and then get in line.

There are several places within Miami International Airport (MIA) to find lightly golden, delicious pillows of goodness known as empanadas. But there’s really only one place you should get them from: La Carreta. It’s a cafe that serves empanadas, pastelitos, sandwiches and other snacks…along with coffee (American and Cuban), tea and other beverages. La Carreta is inside the D Terminal (Gate 37) and there’s one outside of security in the E Terminal (along with several other locations throughout Miami.)

Empanadas make the perfect breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And only when I’ve had an empanada (or two!) do I consider my trip to Miami a complete success.

I go for the chicken variety…





and the spinach and cheese variety.





And if you’re looking for something less savory and more fruity, the guava pastelito does not disappoint!

Here’s the link. Vamonos a La Carreta! 



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